How Homework Clubs Can Transform Your Students

The subject of homework has created many arguments between kids and their teachers and parents over the years. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to cut down on that friction and get kids actually interested in doing their homework?

Homework clubs are a great outlet for students who can find it hard to cope with some of their schoolwork. While kids often have reservations at first about joining something called a “homework club,” there are many benefits to these groups with regard to their ability to help kids grow as students.

Here are a few examples of some of those benefits.

  • Extra help: This is probably the most important benefit of a homework club—they ensure students get the extra help they need with their school work that can help them pass and even excel in their classes. This becomes especially important when children’s school work starts to extend past the capabilities of their parents.

  • Have some fun: Kids will probably tell you that “homework” and “fun” don’t belong in the same sentence, but it’s true—homework clubs can be a really good time. They get kids in groups with their friends and peers, usually involve snacks and tend to work in activities to make the homework and learning much more enjoyable than it otherwise would be for the kids if they were doing it by themselves.

  • Improved communication skills: Kids who join homework clubs will be in groups with other students or instructors they may not know, and will need to be able to articulate the kind of help they need with their assignments. This provides a great opportunity for them to improve their communication skills in a safe and relaxed environment.

  • Improved writing skills: There is a lot of emphasis in schools today about improving writing skills, but even then, kids will only get so much attention and focus during the school day from their teachers. For kids who need some extra assistance in improving their writing skills, which is critical in schools today, homework clubs can be majorly beneficial.

  • Greater confidence: In a homework club, kids are much less likely to feel nervous about asking questions or sharing ideas than they would in a typical class setting. This is especially helpful for shy students who could use a bit of a confidence boost, or students who might be otherwise frustrated or depressed due to a lack of confidence in classroom settings.

A well-run homework club can truly be a transformative group and setting for students who need a little extra help with their school work. In the process, it will decrease the number of battles parents need to have with their kids at home over getting their homework done.

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Joshua Chernikoff