Fairy Tale Fanatics

Fairy Tale Fanatics brings favorite stories to life with this exciting and engaging eight-week class! Each week focuses on a different fairy tale as students explore a variety of brain-building activities! Whether working together to act out the story, completing a STEM activity inspired by the tale, or diving deep into analysis to compare/contrast different versions of the same story, students are sure to stretch their imaginations and expand their critical thinking skills, while having fun—at the same time!

Strategic Gaming

If your child is looking for more and more games, then look no further than our “Strategic Gaming” class! Each week, our instructors will introduce a new, age appropriate board game. The group will learn the rules, strategize, and then get down to business playing each other. The course will feature some of the classics, such as Monopoly and Sorry, and introduce new fan favorites, such as HedBanz and What Are The Odds?

Storybook Engineering & Construction

During this eight-week course, your child will learn and practice engineering techniques inspired by popular books or fairy tales! Activities include building a house with various materials, creating a bridge out of marshmallows, designing containers to further their understanding of volume, and using Dr. Seuss books and other literature to explore STEM-based learning.

World Travelers

Is your child fascinated with other countries and cultures? Does he/she wonder what it would be like to travel the globe to distant lands? During this eight-week session, students will embark on a virtual travel adventure to Brazil, China, Australia, England, and other exciting destinations! They’ll immerse themselves in learning about the people, customs, landmarks, food, games, and culture—all around the world! Your child’s passport to fun and adventure awaits!

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Class Clown

While we certainly do not condone being a clown in class, we sure do condone our class that teaches your child how to be a comedian! Your child will learn how to tell a funny joke in front of a group. Think of this activity for your child if they like to do improvisation. Or, if they are on the shy side, this might help them come out of their shell.

Homework Club

Do you have "homework battles" every night? Your child can join our homework club where students tackle homework in a positive, supportive atmosphere with their peers. Our educational coaches can provide reading, writing, math, or language-based homework help. Our consistent team of coaches can provide a weekly organizational check in to see what assignments are in the binder, backpack, or on the calendar. Just think, when your child gets home, the planner will be updated, and homework will at least be started—and possibly done!

Ice Breakers Bonanza

Ice breakers can be totally fun—and not just when starting meetings. Our class is basically a public speaking class for kids. They will learn to speak more confidently, hone their ability to talk in front of a group, and even become better storytellers.

Pick A Card

Playing card games is fun, but it’s also a great way to infuse learning into a child’s day! In this eight week session, your child will engage in many interactive card games that will get them thinking, and will challenge them to use their math abilities, too! Games include: Go Fish, War, Crazy Eights, Rummy, Snap, Old Maid, Sevens, Euchre, Kings in the Corner, Spoons, Uno, and Beggar My Neighbor.

What Happens at Book Club Stays at Book Club

Is your child a bookworm? Do you find them spending lazy summer days curled up with a good book? Then your child will want to join us for a fun eight weeks of books, books, and more books! We will read and discuss books by Kevin Henkes, Mo Willems, Laura Numeroff, Roald Dahl, Jeff Kinney, and many other awesome authors! Then, they’ll get to make a fun craft to tell their own story.